Laura Heffelfinger
Art Direction | Graphic Design | Photography


Mexico City

Mexico City surprised me. I knew that it's rapidly becoming the largest city in the world, that the former Mayan capital had been conquered (brutally conquered) by the Spanish early in the 16th century. I knew that the food would be exceptional and the architecture beautiful. It was all those things but intensified, like viewing the city through a convex lens. The explosion of color, light, and texture was enthralling – the subtle gradients of the deep blue walls of iconic Casa Azul, the endless clash of patterns on tile and fabric, the way the city feels like it can't decide whether to fight back the jungle or let it take over. It is sensory overload on every nerve and the only choice is to lean in to it at every chance. Wander the Parque Mexico in the Condesa, grab a cochinita pibil taco on your way to a mezcal tasting at La Clandestina. Listen to the songbirds and the trickling fountain in the courtyard of the insanely charming San Angel Inn, try and get lost in the gardens. Visit Frida Kahlo's home and learn why she secluded herself in her own private paradise. Go early to the Castillo de Chapultepec and meander through the park to spend the whole afternoon at the stunning Museo Nacional de Antropología. Eat chilaquiles for breakfast at Mercado de San Juan and walk them off en route to the Zocalo. Talk to everyone you meet, look up at the skyline and down at the tiled sidewalks, drink all the mezcal and leave no street taco behind, fall madly in love with the chaos of CDMX.

P.S. Here are the photos I shot on my iPhone.

Laura Heffelfinger