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The Americano

An apéritif, the Americano is the perfect palate introduction to the heavier brunch foods as well as a soft 'hair of the dog.' The chief flavor of the Americano is Campari, a liqueur made with herbs and Chinotto orange peels.  Born in Milan at the Caffè Camparino in the 1860's, the cocktail is a beautiful red with a flavor that is crisp and citrusy with a bittersweet bite (Mimosa lovers, consider yourselves warned). 
Below – the easy recipe, a suggested menu and a playlist to keep the mood light and spirits bright.

Cin cin!


1 oz. Campari
1 oz. Sweet Vermouth
Club soda
1 fresh red or pink grapefruit

First thing's first, fire up the music.
Fill an old-fashioned (6 oz.) glass with ice cubes.  Add the Campari, Sweet Vermouth and top with club soda.  Traditionally Americanos are served with a fresh orange slice, but I like to use the peel of a red or pink grapefruit... And you're done. Everything in life should be this easy.

Resources: CB2 Marta (Incidentally, it's my belief that these are a triumph of design– so delicate and simple)  /  High Street Market Marble Serving Tray  /  Wishbone Bottle Opener  

Laura Heffelfinger